7 Reasons to See The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games may be a franchise with a massive tween following, just don't confuse it with Twilight. You do not have to be a obsessed screaming fan or own a Liam Hemsworth poster to enjoy this sequel. But it is award season with tons of great movies piling up, so here are 7 reasons to get your butt to the theater and see Catching Fire.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

There are so many actresses who find fame for reasons other than talent. Lawrence is not one of them.  She is absolutely captivating as Katniss Everdeen. She’s strong, smart and cunning. We need more female protagonists like this and actresses brave enough to play them.

2. The Costume Design

Trish Summerville is pretty much brilliant. We see her adorn Elizabeth Banks in over-the-top dresses, her character Effie Trinket always the belle of the ball. She definitely gives Lady Gaga a run for her money. Even Lawrence is adorned in a plethora of incredible gowns, one of which is too good to give away. There will definitely be Halloween costume ideas galore. Summerville also designed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, another story with a headstrong leading lady. She’s working on another upcoming Fincher film Gone Girl and proves a designer to watch.

3. Sam Claflin

This kid has been on my radar for a while. He’s the next Gosling…but better. He’s British. He plays Finnick Odair in the movie with the perfect balance of wit and vulnerability.

4. Legendary Actors

I’ll see anything with Jeffrey Wright, Donald Sutherland or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Wouldn’t you?

5. The Script

It’s hard to write a good action movie let alone adapt a novel into one. It’s also hard to adapt a novel let alone adapt one into an action movie. Writers Simon Beaufoy and Michael DeBruyn do both. They balance character development with high stakes scenes. Even those who haven’t read the novels are able to form intimate relationships with their protagonists. The script also does an impressive job making those one-liners somehow not cheesy.

6. The Point

It’s hard to believe children read these books. They explore the malicious nature of humanity and the lengths we’ll go to to preserve power. The villains seem eerily real and the struggle incredibly familiar. It may be fantasy, but nothing here is fake.

7. Perception

Movies that make you forget about your problems are the foundation of the entertainment industry. It’s all about escape and those that want to walk away enlightened can if they choose. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire illustrates humans fighting for their life. It is survival at its most raw. When you’re sitting in the theater watching Katniss drowning or Peeta dying from poison (don’t worry no spoilers) it’s hard to think about your own problems. Some may disagree, but films that get audiences in touch with their primal nature always prove worth the time.