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Top 10 Movies That Broke the Rules

Screenwriting is an interesting and complex pursuit. It's both a craft and a business. And while there are certain structural rules one adheres to when writing a film, the root of screenwriting comes from the artistic expression of an individual.

It's a balance that is hard to keep in filmmaking. While the Hollywood industry tends to favor the "business" aspect, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from a film that breaks the traditional rules of the game. Sometimes the rules are broken for the cause of creativity. Sometimes they are broken to keep the audience engaged. Other times, they may be broken in order to preserve the filmmaker's integrity. And yes, sometimes the rules are broken just because…

On the surface, the reason why we like movies that break the rules is that rule breaking is exciting. It's daring. It's defying. And even though flying in the face of convention is not usually a recipe for success, a movie breaks the rules and thrives, proving that originality still exists.

In a world where money and the bottom line seems to triumph, an non-traditional, artistic, and original film can still emerge from it's depths and inspire, thrill, and delight audiences of all kinds. What’s better yet, films that break the rules show that creativity and business do not have to be at odds with each other.

Below are 10 Films that Broke the Rules and Succeeded. Some are recognized for making the audience go beyond their comfort zone, while others are famous for being revolutionary for their time.