Top 10 Animated Films

There's something special about animated films. They seem to move audiences on a more emotional level than other genres. Perhaps it's due to the fact that generally, animated films have a pleasant tone. They leave the audience feeling happy, content, and utterly delighted. Even more so, animated films usually aim to teach the audience a simple moral; always value your family, rely of your friends for support, have faith and all your dreams will come true.

However, we don't just love animated films because of their message and tone. Animated films are a throwback to our childhood. If you grew up like most kids, animated films are like an extension of your family. Not only did they teach you right from wrong, they were there for you when you were home sick from school, having a bad day, or just needed an escape from reality.

Everyone I know has his or her own favorite animated film and are willing to defend it to the death (it's 101 Dalmatians for me, thank you very much). It's like having a favorite Disney princess (Jasmine, of course). These are the things that helped define you at the cafeteria table, and still hold a special place in your heart. Yes, animated films, perhaps more than any other genre, are a part of the fabric that makes up our identity as adults.

Below are the Top 10 Animated Films. It's a hard thing to do to narrow down such a celebrated category of film. So read, and enjoy. Just remember, there's about a hundred honorable mentions to go along with this list- Shrek, The Little Mermaid, The Three Caballeros, Up, Peter Pan...

... and of course, [insert your favorite childhood film here].