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10 Movies That Make Us Miss the PG Comedy

I love profane comedies but when looking at how 90% of movie comedies these days are stretching the R rating as hard as they can, am I the only one who remembers a time when movie comedies didn't have 75 f-bombs and extreme close-ups of our more private areas? 

It's really only kinda recently where every major comedy was extremely rude and crude; and now, with the huge success of movies like The Hangover, that trend seems to be an inescapable norm.  But there was a time, not so long ago, that most comedies were easier on the ears.  Where films managed provide funny, hilarious lines without resorting to a stream of swear words or over-the-top sex-sploitation.

I dunno.  I'm far from a prude, and again, I love me my raunch-fests from time to time.  But here on this list, there are 10 great comedies that aren't of that variety.  True, many of these are technically PG-13 (but all are PG here in Canada, so they still count, damn it).  They're all smart, clever, and hilarious, without resorting to a torrent of body functions and c-words.

As always, my list is prefaced with a couple that just barely missed it, mostly because of them being more of some other genre than comedy, such as Back to the Future (more sci-fi), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (more noir), Catch Me If You Can (more drama) and Scott Pilgrim (more, umm...well, it's kind of a mix of EVERYthing).  And then a bunch of my favourite comedies were just not quite great enough, like Liar Liar, The Mask, Flipped, Muppets, Crazy Stupid Love, and The Breakfast Club

Ok, all done now.  And let us not forget that what I might find hilarious, you might find completely idiotic....