Top 10 Family Friendly Not-So-Scary Movies

As everyone knows, Halloween is a time to get your freak on, quite literally. After all, it is the one night you can scare the socks off of other people and even yourself. For this reason, every Halloween, I stay inside and lock my doors, afraid of the crazy teens on the streets and the monsters from my dreams. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for Halloween as it was a time where I could imagine and create - and eat as much candy as I wanted!  So how do I celebrate Halloween now, inside and all alone? I watch, what I could call, ‘not-so-scary’ scary movies.

But what are ‘not-so-scary’ movies you might ask? Although vague in its title, it merely means a film that is scary, but not really scary. A movie you are able to take in jest, a movie that can be cute, and a movie that doesn’t leave you with nightmares. Want to watch The Orphanage (2007) on your own at night? Now, that is a prime example of what is NOT a ‘not-so-scary’ movie.

However, Halloween only happens once a year! There may be some nights aside from the 31st of October that you may feel like a bit of a scare. Perhaps you want to watch a horror film, but you don’t think you could quite stomach horror classics such as The Exorcist (1973) or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). If you find yourself in that situation, these are the top ten best family friendly 'not-so-scary' movies that you can enjoy in the privacy (and protection!) of your own home, any night of the year.