Top 10 Best Drug Movies

Addiction sucks.  Addiction to anything sucks, whether it's crystal meth or Kit-Kat bars.  Most movies related to addiction are bummers, because of this simple fact, but every now and then a comedy sneaks in there.  This list of drug movies tries to encompass all of those, but there is simply no way around it -- addiction sucks.  Except for the rich guys supplying the addictions, I guess.

But what constitutes a "drug movie"?  That was the question I kept asking myself when I was tasked with writing this list.  Ultimately, it came down to "the main character is a drug".  Something like Scarface, to me, doesn't count as a cocaine movie, despite the copious amounts of white powder castles, because Tony Montana is the main focus of the film (plus I already wrote about it in Best Gangster Films, so there). 

So these are what I consider the top movies where I would say the main focal point of the film is a drug - weed, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc.  As always, there's some that just missed the list -- A Scanner Darkly, Maria Full of Grace, Spun, Easy Rider, and Blow.  And then there's Billy Wilder's Lost Weekend, which I've heard is the best movie out there about alcoholism, but unfortunately I simply couldn't find the damn movie in time in order to watch it.