Top 10 Best Movie Mentors

When all is lost for the hero in film, they turn in most cases to the mentor. These people are the type of characters who would hold the back of your bicycle whilst you still used the stabilisers, and six months later watched with a glint in their eye as you sped past the finish line of the national cycling championships. They are the surrogate mums and dads of the heroes and keep them on the straight and narrow (or off it in the case of some), providing the audience with a steadfast rock to put faith in and give hope for eventual success.

The characters I have gathered together for this list encapsulate my idea of an all-round mentor. Some are good, some bad, some downright weird. But I have pulled them out using a simple rule. If I watched the film, and pictured that mentor character in trouble, if I got worried or anxious then they made the list. I also followed a second rule; no kung fu or karate films. All of those mentors are too easy. I wanted characters that had to be searched for, rather than characters who pretty much have ‘MENTOR’ tattooed across their foreheads. This means that this list may be very different to others you may have seen, but hopefully will get you thinking about mentors in the most unlikely of places.

With all that said, here is the list. I have tried to include a good mix (and even an animation) so there should be something for everyone. Unless you are big on karate. Sorry about that.