Top 10 Sean Bean Deaths

Many actors have had the joy of being typecast during their career. Hugh Grant, for example, will always be the loveable useless man who needs mothering. Nick Frost will always be Simon Pegg’s best friend. And Sean Bean will ALWAYS be called in when a spectacular death is in order.

Sean Bean has made a name for himself all over the cinema industry and over the internet as the ‘King of Death’. He has performed a transition from life to everlasting sleep over twenty times, and is hailed as an expert in the field. I agree wholeheartedly that no one pulls off a death quite like Sean Bean, and from the moment I see him in the title sequence of a film I immediately prepare for his inevitable demise.

So here are my favourite deceasements...if that is a word. I have selected what I feel is the most creatively imagined collection of final moments, meaning that many shootings have been omitted. However, I hope you find the select few entertaining and inspiring enough to include a death outside the box in your next screenplay, or at least outside the barrel of a gun...

But until then, enjoy the ultimate death reel: