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Top 6 Sport Movies You Should View

By Ally Sinyard · January 6, 2019

Top Sports-Inspired MoviesSports competitions enjoy huge popularity in the market. Today you can see many sports enthusiasts following their favorite teams and supporting them in their efforts. This is a great inspiration for the movie industry which takes popular sports categories and includes them in prominent movies. That’s why you can see many sports-inspired movies in the market and follow their plots.

World of Movies vs Live Stream Industry

Watching your favorite movie in a cinema is not so popular anymore. The live streaming industry has become an absolute must for film enthusiasts. There are many live streaming services available on the web which makes things easier. Accessing favorite movies is now more than affordable and you can buy a monthly subscription for as low as $9 and watch an unlimited number of movies. The most popular streaming platforms are Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Sony, and Disney, among others.

Changes in the Sports Film Genre

The film industry is slowly moving to online platforms and players can find many new film genres. Sports betting-themed movies drive customer engagement and attract more people to spend time in front of TV or computer screens. Now you can see different sports featured in popular movies such as football, basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby, sailing, skating, climbing, wrestling, boxing, surfing, billiards and more.

Popular Sports Movies

If you are looking for some of the best sports themed movies, here you can check out some of the recommended releases below:

  • The Wrestler (2008): This is a typical drama movie where you can watch a wrestler looking to reclaim his glory as the most popular icon. The main character of the release is ‘The Ram’ Robinson who is dedicated to wrestling. After the sport becomes his life, Robinson faces a heart attack which forces him to reconsider his choices. This is one of the best films which also features a real-life struggle.
  • Creed (2015): This is the boxing-inspired movie, directed by Ryan Coogler. It features the story of Adonis Johnson Creed. He is the son of ex-heavyweight leader Apollo Creed. He is trying to follow the steps of his father and become a champion. Along the way, he meets Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone) and shares some tips with him.
  • Hoop Dreams (1994): This is a movie inspired by basketball which also represents a documentary. It introduces a hard road from Chicago to the professional world of basketball. It displays everything from challenges and disappointments. Here you can see two men through their high-school careers who are also facing parental drug addiction, poverty, violence, and physical injuries. This is a great movie which shows the dark part of sports which often remains unseen.
  • Next Goal Wins (2014): This is an excellent movie featuring a football theme. After a record-breaking defeat from Australia 31-0, American Samoa received the title of the worst football team on the globe. The main role is played by Dutchman Thomas Rongen who wants to change the reputation of his team. He is aware that the team is out of practice, but he is committed to making things better. Next Win Goals is another movie that shows that playing is more important than winning. It is directed by Steve Jamison and Mike Brett.
  • Ford vs Ferrari (2019): This is another innovative movie, featuring the motor racing industry. The main characters are played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale. If you take an opportunity to watch this movie, you will follow the story of Carroll Shelby (who was American car designer) and driver Ken Miles, who joined together to create a race car for Ford for the Le Mans race in France in 1966. The movie is directed by James Mangold and one of the best sports releases in the industry.
  • National Velvet (1944): This is a classic movie, inspired by horse racing. The main role in the movie is reserved for former jockey Mike Taylor who meets a young girl Velvet. They both share a love for horses and Mike agrees to support the girl in her mission. She wants to join the race as a disguised jockey. She aims to win the race and make her dream in reality. Velvet is played by 11-year-old girl or Elizabeth Taylor in her very first role in the film industry.

In Review

As you can see, the sports-inspired movies are getting more attention from regular viewers. They increase engagement and allow people to enjoy a real sports action while watching brave characters.

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