5 of the Best Writer’s Cabins on Airbnb

By David Young · June 3, 2022

Here are some of the most inspiring and beautiful writer’s cabins Airbnb has to offer.

Having a getaway this summer may be a good way to get the creative juices flowing, and a “writer’s cabin” might be just the thing to get yourself in the mood.

We scoured Airbnb in search of places known for their calm outdoor vibes and writer-friendly amenities to put together a list of some superb spots that you should check out. So, pack your bags and get ready to write!

Little Bear – Modern Cabin at Constellation Creek

Sierraville, CA

It’s not hard to imagine why the redwoods of California are such a great destination for writers. NorCal is notoriously inspirational, with the enormous trees, the crisp, natural air, and the rustic aesthetic all making one feel that instant “cozy” feeling. More than that, though, the sound of a babbling brook and the stunning view of the Sierra Nevada range make it a great place to hunker down for anyone — especially when you’re trying to get some work done.

This place is meant to soothe people with the sounds and sights of nature, so while you’re writing, make sure you save often on your hard drive. There is no cloud, no Wi-Fi, and limited cell service — and you should obviously know better anyway. Hard copies are a hard and fast rule, people!

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Golden Lily at Wild Acre Cabins

Grand Lake, CO

Not every getaway has to be completely out of the way. In Grand Lake, Colorado, you are separated from most of the people in the state by a ridge of mountains, but you’re still in a town, near cars and people going about their daily lives. If just a little bit of separation is a good move for you, Grand Lake is a great choice. You can feel like you’re getting out into nature with the wooded mountains surrounding the town, but you can still have the comfort of knowing you’re staying on a property with other cabins just like yours.

Golden Lily is just one of the homes on this property where you can make your stay, but feel free to plug in — there’s Wi-Fi and an indoor electric fireplace. If you’re someone who can’t function without your online backups and access to Google, stay at the Golden Lily to get your productive flow going. 

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Cabin near Rainier National Park

Ashford, WA

Equipped with chopped firewood, a hot tub, a rustic wood-burning stove fireplace, and a gas barbecue all lend themselves to a great week in the elements, not five miles from Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington.

If you like the Pacific Northwest, you’re going to have a grand ol’ time here in Ashford — and if you decide you have to connect, the only way to do that is with Wi-Fi, since this location is tucked away in the mountains. No cell reception here, so if you’re someone who gets texts and calls all too often, this might be a good place for you to focus!

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The Sugar Maple Treehouse @ Vermont ReTREEt

Hancock, VT

If you want to pack it up and enjoy New England’s Green Mountain National Forest, there’s no better way than in a treehouse.

The Sugar Maple is a very private treehouse retreat, but with open views all around to inspire you as you curl up next to the fire pit or stand out on the private balcony. If you need inspiration, look outside. If you need focus, stay inside. Either way, this cozy spot is designed for a writer’s summer stay.

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Favorite Getaway on Mars Hill Mountain

Mars Hill, ME

Anyone can tell you that a cabin in Maine is a spot for writing. How about a Maine cabin located behind Big Rock Mountain, where four different trails lead off to the Canadian border?

A getaway that just happens to be the first place to get the sunrise in the area? Yeah, that’s a place where your imagination will run away with you. Get out into the dark, peaceful woods on Mars Hill Mountain and start setting yourself up for a week or two of quiet writing — and maybe some relaxation, when you make the time.

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There’s no way to know what you will get out of a trip into the elements. However, what you can plan for is a bit of inspiration, a bit of focus, and a bit of the unexpected.

Whether you’re roughing it with no connectivity or whether you’re just glamping in a cute cabin at the edge of town, you know what you need to get your brain juices flowing. Don’t ignore your needs. Just get some time away and enjoy the creative process — and as always, happy writing!