News of Secret People

By September 14, 2010Brainchild Forest

I have some stories for you to look at that aren’t NEW, but they were new to me and possibly you. They’re about secret people! What an interesting topic for a story!

1. THE WOMAN WHO LIVES IN YOUR CLOSET FOR A YEAR. When a friend mentioned this story, I thought they might be pulling my leg. In Tokyo, a homeless woman lived in a man’s closet for an entire year. When he left the apartment, she was taking showers and pilfering food. When he began to notice missing food, he set up a camera which sent images to his mobile phone. He called the police and they nabbed her. For some reason, I sympathize with the woman. It makes me think back to all of the times I played Hide and Go Seek as a child. I would stuff myself into a closet and nervously await my discovery, always about to piss my pants. If this were a movie, I think that’s how it would play out- you root for the woman in the closet! One year without being discovered is pretty amazing. Read MSNBC Article

2. NEW YORK MOLE PEOPLE. This has been the subject of a book entitled The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City by Jennifer Toth. Not sure if the book was ever optioned. Apparently, thousands of people live beneath the city in subway and railroad tunnels. Some people group together in communities with a mayor, utilities, and education. Some are educated and lucid while others are mentally ill, addicts, or just believe life is better down there.  Read more

This morning I had my first experience with doing some background work which I will now recommend. If you’re a writer in LA who works a non- film day job, or if you’re a stay-at-home writer, you need to get out and meet some people. Today I appeared as an extra in a student film. It paid $0, but I met three female writers and had a great time chatting. Also, one of the extras was an engineer who told me all about how cocaine is made! Fascinating and gross!