Wyoming And The Alpha

By Leroy James King · May 17, 2010

So it’s been brought to my attention that the readers of TSL span the globe. We’re getting hits from all the countries in South America, a steady following across the pond in the UK, among other countries that I’ve never heard of before (sad but true). I mean… fuck yeah? Yes. Fuck yeah.

There is one thing though – we’ve only gotten hits from 49 our of our 50 states. Who’s holding out on us? Wyoming. “I’ve never heard of Wyoming…” Well, I’m not going to hold it against you. The only thing I really know about Wyoming is that Harrison Ford lives there – I think that’s actually something I was taught back in elementary school when we were learning the 50 States. “Class, Han Solo lives in Wyoming – and he likes Cheyenne on his Ton Ton meat.” Something like that.

Anyway, I guess this leaves me wondering whether or not people actually write in Wyoming. No, I haven’t done any research on writers from Wyoming. Why? Well, because they haven’t given me any reason to yet. But just talking about Wyoming is making me yawn. Just something about the way that name rolls off the tongue – it almost makes more senseto yawn when you’re saying it. Try it.

Yes, what I’m saying is somewhat pretentious, maybe even reallypretentious. Which brings me to the point of this entry – ENGAGE THE ALPHA.

In so many words, lately I’ve willfully engaged myself in a case of the epic doldrums. I’ve refused to acknowledge that I have at least a shred of talent, that I’m doing pretty well for myself considering I’m only 25, and that I’ve hit my 5 year goal after less than 3 years – to get paid to write for a living. But what the fuck does this have to do with lambasting Wyoming? That’s just an example of engaging the Alpha, baby. You gotta stand on a fucking soap box every now and again and just say things as facts – you have topossess a sense of entitlement from time to time or else no one is going to give you the time of day. You MUST project self confidence or no one’s gonna have any reason to listen to you for 2 fucking seconds.

That’s what I’m struggling to come to terms with. I mean, my schtick is the whole self-deprecation thing. But especially as a writer, you gotta know when to let it rest for a minute. I mean, as a writer, you’re inevitably going to experience a surplus of rejection, heated/frustrated notes on your work, ridiculous expectations from shitty clients, non-payment in the guise of “eventual payment,” and a slew of other really messed up, “hard to deal with” occurrences. And yeah, it’s really easy to get into an attitude of defeat and an overall harsh demeanor towards yourself. What I’m saying to you, and myself, is that you gotta get over that. Bad things are going to happen, but let that shit be. Don’t overthink it – obviously think about what youmay have done to cause the shitty outcome, but move on from there. Don’t dwell on the negative.

I really pride myself on the fact that I don’thave any sort of sense of entitlement. But for the love of God, sometimes you have to. It rubs off on other people. I’m not saying to grab a megaphone and stand on a street corner and yell “I’m fucking talented and my ideas are flawless.” Of course not. I’m just saying project a belief in yourself. Stand by your own creative ideas; take pride in your intelligence and let it rub off on other people. Don’t walk in a room and embody this: “Well, here’s my good idea. I mean, I thinkit’s good, but you’ll probably not like it. Which is cool and everything… I guess more than anything I just want some notes, so I really appreciate you taking time out to talk with me.”

No! Fuck that. Go in there with this attitude: “Here’s my awesome idea. Lets collaborate on this. I fucking believe in this thing and if you don’t you’re missing out.” And that’s that. Passionis the key – it’s fucking contagious and it’s the secret weapon when it comes to getting people on board with whatever hair brained writing endeavor you’re trying to get off the ground.

Yeah, what I’m talking about is really rudimentary, but it’s something I struggle with. Between the ebbs and flows of freelance, and always competing with other people with the exact same dream, it’s easy to fall into a groove of the down and outs – the sad sappy sucker mentality. You’ve gotta get over that, and if you can’t, you should just stop with your dream now. No one’s going to give you anything unless you demand it.

This entry was obviously more for the well being of my psyche, not yours. So excuse my narcissism. But also… take my narcissism and let yourself be little more narcissistic. By god, you aretalented, so start fucking believing it, or else this is never gonna work out.

Wyoming, wherever you are, and whoever’s lurking about in this mystery state, I challenge you to prove you exist. Starting now.

I’m only giving Wyoming one haiku – I want Wyoming to prove they have writers there, and to post their own haikus here.

Harrison Ford, man
So… does he own Wyoming?
Or is he just nuts?