Lady GaGa and the Pretentious Peers Pt. 1

By Leroy James King · July 13, 2010

Re: my total Hipster Douche Toddler past, I made it a conscious point to be out of touch when it came to the cultural mainstream (with the exception of tentpole films.)  Namely, this related to TV shows and music.  As you may or may not know, when I was on the cusp of either entering a lifelong pursuit of Hipster apathy, I had originally planned on moving to Brooklyn – I can't remember if I've mentioned this in the blog or not, and I'm too lazy to backtrack.  So my apologies if I'm being a Redundant Richard.

Anyway, the plan was to move to Brooklyn to play in really pretentious indie rock bands, and likely get a really easy job at a record store.  I'd played in bands all through college, and simply put, it was the only reason I ever really got laid.  Yeah, it's true.  Even if you're in a shitty band, you'll get ass (note to Preston: you should probably stop mentioning your libido and lack of sexual activity in your film reviews… and maybe join a shitty indie rock band – just saying.)

Obviously this plan didn't come to fruition.  I was struck with a different sense of ambition that was contingent on the fact that, yes, I actually do have a Bachelor's Degree in Film and TV production.  Thus, the move to Los Angeles; the gradual shedding of Hipsterhood; the beginnings of ulcers, career frustrations, and unrequited payment for writing gigs.  I THINK I made the right decision…

Yeah, I've touched on this bullshit before, but I bring it up to give a context to the bitching I'm about to do – but I feel the need to admit fault – that I brought this upon myself, and it dates back to my days as a 40 oz. addled, striped pants wearing, P Funk smoking, vintage T-shirt shit.

Yes, I actively abolished a lot of mainstream culture, in particular music that wasn't released on labels like Matador or Secretly Canadian.  Suffice it say, even though I've become a more accessible, "normal" person (term used loosely), music is definitely an area I have indeed remained pretty much Hipster exclusive.  It's hard to admit, but it's true.  I like obscure, weird, synth laden, New Wave throwback music, post punkish stuff, Arcade Fire b-sides, and fill in the rest of the blanks.  No, I don't care that this is Hipster, even though it hurts swallowing the pride it takes to actually CALL IT Hipster.  Sigh.


So i've explained all of this so you actually believe me when I say I've just now kind of been familiarized with Lady GaGa – a buddy of mine over the weekend forced me to watch one of her music videos.  Honestly, I was less than half interested, was bored during it, albeit I felt like I was going to have an Epileptic seizure while I watched it.  

Now I was aware that Lady GaGa was somebody that existed, has been a chart topper, and is a tabloid staple – I'd just never actually seen an image of her.  But upon watching the music video (and doing some very mild, amateur Google Image searching), it's very apparent that she's trying to be the new Madonna, chock full of willful pretension – completely immersed in an image driven shroud of self-importance, and a lack of a real identity.

So what does this all mean?  To me Lady GaGa epitomizes a strange sect of culture that is hellbent on a consistent, vapid, and arbitrary change in image.  It's a constant, almost paranoid, rebranding of one's self out of fear the very real fear of obsolescence.  Given that she's in her early 20s, I find it incredibly OCD, insecure, and just plain erratic.

But then of course there's David Bowie, who I love, and will always love…

And then there's the fact that the record labels almost definitely pressuring her into doing this, and that she's actually a totally solid, wholesome individual on a personal basis…

And then there's the REAL reason I'm talking about this pissyness with this willful cultural identity crisis…

Coming soon.



Per a comment left on this post, yes, the next entry ACTUALLY relates to screenwriting.  This is what you call a SETUP.  So calm down.  Christ!