Against The Odds – An Evening of Talent and Creativity

By Derek Ruth · August 9, 2011

Tuesday, September 20 at The Hollywood Complex


An evening devoted to celebrating why so many of us came to Los Angeles – exploring talent and creativity. We often get so caught up in working to achieve success, that we forget why we love what we do, and what it feels like to be creative. This is an opportunity for actors, writers and directors to come together to create, share, and perform original works in a fun environment.

The evening will start in the lobby of the theater, with artwork from local artists (wine will be served), followed by the scenes and then back to the lobby for more socializing.

  • Submit scripts 7-10 pages in length that feature the theme “Against the Odds” (Genre is open)
  • Not every script submitted will be used.
  • In order to involve as many creative people as possible, writers & directors cannot act in their scenes.
  • All scenes are due no later than August 19th.

Please contact Ashley Partington at [email protected] for more information.