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The Rise of Crowdfunding and How to Produce Your Next Project

By Jameson Brown · July 15, 2014

Here at The Script Lab we value independent filmmaking greatly because of the unique content that comes as a result of it. Today, we are all content creators. Today, we are all filmmakers. Of course talent, passion and patience are musts, but we now have access to mediums that help us drive our visions and projects through to the finish line. Indiegogo is a great example of how passion projects, if incubated correctly, can turn into cult classics that conjur up mass audiences and followings. See below a great example of one of these television passion projects getting new life breathed into it.

With the above in mind, we want to know YOUR passion project. Do you have a script, story, short film or feature film you’ve been working day in and day out on? We want to know more about them. Let us know in the comments below OR tweet us @TheScriptLab and use hashtag #TSLcreators. We will be RT’ing creative ideas and ones that scream “these are my blood, sweat and tears!”

And stay tuned. More coming soon!