Veronica Mars: Review – SXSW

The Smart-Mouthed Sleuth Returns with a Comedy both Newbies and ‘Marshmallows’ Can Enjoy

After seven long years and a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Veronica Mars is back with a modern “who dunnit” that delivers comedy and classic Veronica banter.  Veronica (Kristen Bell) returns to her hometown of Neptune after her ex-boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring) is accused of murdering his girlfriend and Neptune High classmate Carrie (Andrea Estella).  Veronica’s life has drastically changed since we last saw her. She has completely given up her snooping days and is a recent law school graduate.  When Logan calls, Veronica can’t help but pack her bags for good old Neptune and dust off her gumshoe boots-and taser. What initially starts as a few days back home leads to a few weeks and a slew of clues Veronica just can’t ignore.

Co-Writer/Director Rob Thomas does a great job of quickly introducing Veronica to those who never saw the series, and giving us the scoop on what she’s been up to for the last seven years.  In those first few minutes, newcomers get a history lesson and longtime marshmallows are reconnected with their beloved characters.  Speaking of characters, it was great to see the old cast again.  Mac (Tina Majorino), who has shed her geeky persona and transformed into a hottie, Wallace (Percy Daggs III) now the high school basketball coach, and Dick (Ryan Hansen) who is still Dick.

Most importantly, Veronica is leading the way for other films within the $5 to $10 million bracket to be made.  As Hollywood continues to churn out big budget movies, the modest budget movies are far and few in between.  During its' SXSW premiere on March 8, Thomas commented on this very thing, "If people respond well to this, we've created a paradigm where $5-10 million dollar movies are still made."  Also, the film will be released On Demand as well as in theatres on March 14, further cementing its' trailblazing status.  Veronica Mars fans have a lot to be proud of.

Veronica Mars delivers.  Thomas and co-writer Diane Ruggiero created a script that possessed the same quirky and quick dialogue that fans loved about the series, with a thrilling story that successfully mixes humor and intrigue.  The cast still has great chemistry and Bell’s mix of wit and down right attitude was phenomenal to watch.  For Veronica fans, the Kickstarter support and seven year drought was well worth it.  Thomas delivers a fast paced film that is inviting to newcomers and satisfying to vets.  The film was refreshing and a slick nod to the ability of a fan backed, small budget film to completely rock.