Behind Sundance – Day 1

Hello from chilly (yet very picturesque) Park City!

Sundance officially starts today, January 18th, so between movie reviews over the next several days, I’ll fill you in with some pics and blurbs on what’s happening here.

My main event yesterday was attending a press conference, starring none other than Sundance’s creator, Robert Redford.

Redford created the festival in 1980. And regarding Sundance’s beginnings, he said he had told naysayers, “It’s not meant to be commercial, it’s meant to be diverse. Diversity is the point, not how we see something being commercial or not… This is about something that has not been done, and the audience will choose. The nice thing is, is that we’re still here. And diversity has proven to be commercial.”

In 2012, the festival generated approximately $80 million in revenue for Utah — in just ten days.

I’d agree with Redford in saying, yes, it is nice that Sundance is still here.

Energized after the press conference, after being reminded why we all brave the 20-something temperatures for the love of film, I strolled down Park City’s infamous Main Street.

(Today, it’ll be packed. I’ll show you later.) And don’t you love these bike racks? (Not to mention the backdrop?)

I then headed to the bus depot, which shuttles you from theatre-to-theatre — at no cost — and the buses run quite frequently. (Definitely a great perk in this weather!) Plus, the bus stops often prove to be great places to meet new people.

I then took a bus to meet some Park City locals at Squatters Roadhouse Grill, where they introduced me to the fine, local delicacy of… fried dill pickles!


Okay, I’m off to see more movies.

Until next time…