Jenny Slate & Gillian Robespierre talk “Obvious Child”

By June 11, 2014January 15th, 2018All The Way With Alloway


A huge festival hit, Obvious Child tells the story of quirky, charming Donna (Slate) who, after a one night stand, gets pregnant. With the guidance of her bestie, Nellie (Gaby Hoffman), she decides to get an abortion. When the baby daddy Max (Jake Lacy) keeps popping back up in her life, she wonders about her decision and whether or not to give into the romance. A unique, comical and refreshing directorial debut, Robespierre delivers a truly heart-warming and heart-breaking story about life, love and making mistakes. I had a chance to chat with the two ladies about getting the movie made, the cast onboard and their voice as female artists. 

Produced & Edited by Meredith Alloway