2001: A Space Odyssey Gets New Glorious Trailer for Re-Release

By October 21, 2014Main

It's no question that 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the top two best SciFi films of all time (Blade Runner belongs in the number one slot). So, what better way to acknowledge this masterpiece than by re-releasing it in the U.K. on November 28th. Like the trailer says, there is only one Kubrick (Jonathan Glazer, though, looking to make a run at that statement) and this is the treatment he deserves and would appreciate. 

Kubrick's space opera is an aggressively off-balance screenplay that, by his talents only, succeed fully. This material in someone else's hands would fail no questions asked. Yes, pacing does not seem to exist in this film, but it propels so many other unique styles of creative filmmaking that this is one of the few examples where that does not matter. Story pacing is vital. We thrive on this point. BUT, 2001: A Space Odyssey is granted a pass. 

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