Trailer Break: Ex Machina Just Upped the Science Fiction Ante

By October 30, 2014Main

Alex Garland is a talented screenwriter. He penned Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Dredd and actually wrote one of the first drafts of Halo. Garland will direct his script Ex Machina and will tell the story the way he wants to tell it. Garland, though having a knack for Science Fiction screenwriting, sometimes falters when it comes to a strong third Act. Sunshine, as good as it is, unfortunately resorted to an unneeded, tangible villain as its opposing force (vs. the idea of human error being the only opposing force). Here, Garland taps into the topic of artificial intelligence and seems to have a solid grasp on the subject matter. Not to mention seeing cyborgs juxtaposed with nature is a beautiful thing, and leaves enough room to be a credible plot point. We're excited to see Garland in the director seat and tackling a subject he understands and enjoys. 

These trailers, though, are highly different. Albeit international trailers tend to be much more aggressive in nature, they both take dark tones. But, the U.S. version lands on the Science Fiction / Horror side of the fence, as the international trailer hones in on the Thriller side of the Science Fiction genre. 

Either way, we are impressed with the project so far and are ready to see Garland's SciFi screenwriting come to life. 

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