Why Chappie Will Be a Return to Human Storytelling for Neill Blomkamp

By November 15, 2014Main

We were introduced to Blomkamp's brutally honest storytelling when we first saw District 9. With Elysium, that core of humanism was scaled back (but for the better for that story). From what we know thus far, Chappie will reignite Blomkamp's grit filled style of screenwriting with his expertise in visual direction (let's face it, he is one of the best out there today). 



There are some rumblings going around regarding the film's rating – PG-13 or R? To genuinely pull this story off, we push for a hard R rating, as Blomkamp's themes and character development tend to come through hard hitting acts of violence and oppression. A PG-13 rating will soften that development, and for a character based film like Chappie (who will not only undergo change, but will develop from scratch) there needs to be room for Blomkamp to work. And since Ninja and Yo-landi Visser (who creepily fit perfectly into the mix) are on the cast sheet, we have suspicions it might be headed towards the rating it deserves. 



We are thoroughly looking forward to this one and are excited that it is a return to human storytelling, compared to pure action. 

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