Trailer Break: Vacation RED BAND Trailer

By May 10, 2015December 27th, 2017Main
[youtube] The new Vacation focuses on grown-up Rusty Griswold trying to bring his family closer together by taking the exact same trip to “Walley World” he took when he was young.

Again, another franchise is being revived and adapted for the contemporary. Does it need to be adapted? Probably not. But since that ship has sailed, why does this Red Band trailer show us basic gross out gags as comedy? Per usual (based on the trailer), we have gags replacing genuine comedic situations. Vacation and Christmas Vacation were funny due to the drawn out scenarios the characters wandered into – without the aggressive “hard R” approach.

We will hope for laughs, but let’s see if Helms, Applegate, Mann and Hemsworth can pull it off.

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