The Alternative Craig’s List: Daniel’s Top 10 Non-Bond Performances

By October 28, 2015Main

In the run-up to the release of Spectre, there has been great speculation that Daniel Craig – who is generally regarded as the best Bond since the original, Sir Sean Connery himself – may be making his last appearance as Bond and will soon be handing in his “007” vanity plates. (Bond is such an un-secretive secret agent that he may as well have “007” vanity plates.) 

If Craig has made his final appearance as Bond, there will be huge interest in who will succeed him (with most of the money on Henry “Man of Steel/Man from UNCLE” Cavill), but what will be even more interesting is what Craig himself will do next.  One of the many reasons why he is regarded as the best Bond since Connery (besides possessing the sense of menace that is essential for the role, and which the likes of Moore and Dalton conspicuously lacked) is that he has always been a superb screen actor, capable of playing roles other than Bond. Just as Connery excelled in non-Bond films such as The Hill and The Offence, so Craig has demonstrated his enormous versatility in films as far removed from the world of 007 as Love Is The Devil and The Mother

Here, then, is the alternative Craig’s List: Daniel’s Top 10 non-Bond performances.