Introducing The Script Lab University (TSLU)

By Derek Ruth · March 14, 2016

Educating and inspiring screenwriters, filmmakers and content creators since 2010, The Script Lab is committed to helping writers develop their craft — from their first page through the final draft to breaking into the industry.

This year, TSL is launching an exciting new online education initiative, The Script Lab University (TSLU), a series of e-learning courses designed to help aspiring writers around the world successfully complete their first screenplay.

To help us create the best possible learning experience, we've just launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign that will help defray the cost of developing and producing our first course title, TSLU 101: Introduction to Screenwriting. The course will cover the five major plot points and eight sequences that make up the three act structure typical to any feature film project, as well as the critical role played by the first 20 pages of the screenplay.

In return for your support of our crowdfunding campaign, we are offering our founding backers enrollment in the first course at the $25 rewards level (70% off the planned retail price for the course!), limited edition TSLU Founders gear (bumper sticker, tee shirt, baseball cap, sweatshirt) and other awesome rewards only available to our founding backers.

For more information on our Kickstarter campaign and to become a TSLU Founder today, please visit our campaign page.