Reminder: Get Your Tickets for Tomorrow’s TSL Summit Live Interview Event Featuring the Writers of Jurassic World

By Admin · May 19, 2017

Last weekend, we hosted the inaugural session in our brand new TSL Summit Live Interview Series! We want to thank everyone who came out for making our first round of interviews a huge success! And for those just tuning in: we’re partnering with ScreenCraft to bring you live, in-studio interviews with some of the best and brightest creators in Hollywood, from to filmmakers, industry gurus and development executives. We’re talking in-depth discussions on everything from honing your craft, to tips and tricks for breaking into the industry. 

We’re back this Saturday, May 20th for a second round of interviews you won’t want to miss. From Oscar winners, to the writers of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, each in-depth interview will be filmed in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles. In town for the weekend? Join us for all the action!

This week’s event is split across two sessions. To buy tickets for our morning session, click here. Afternoon tickets are available here. Check full schedule for details!

This weekend’s interviewees include:

Niceole Levy, writer on SHADES OF BLUE and MYSTERIES OF LAURA

Niceole Levy is an alum of the CBS and NBC programs and has written on multiple different television shows, including the Critically Acclaimed SHADES OF BLUE. She’s a veteran of working in a writer’s room and will have incite on exactly what to expect at all stages of your tv writing career. From your first time in the room all the way up to being a television veteran.

Robert Moresco – Oscar winning writer of CRASH

Robert Moresco is an industry legend and Oscar winner. He won back to back Best Picture Oscars for CRASH and MILLION DOLLAR BABY. His insight into Hollywood from a writers perspective is invaluable, as he’ll be discussing both how to write for the industry, but also how to deal with the business side as well. This is a must see interview.

Marcus Sakey – American author who has optioned his work to studios, host of Hideen City TV show

Marcus Sakey is the author of such books as THE BRILLIANCE TRILOGY and THE BLADE ITSELF, which was selected by the New York Times as its feature choice. He’s also optioned his novels to some of Hollywood’s biggest production companies and is going to talk about the industry from an angle of pre-existing IP, novel writing, and how to make the transition.

Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa – Writers of JURASSIC WORLD, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and AVATAR 3

Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa are wo of Hollywood’s biggest screenwriters. If there’s a massive blockbuster, they’re the first people the studios ask to write it. They’re going to be giving incredible insight into how to work within the studio system creatively, how to write films that draw in massive audiences, and how to start a career. This is a rare chance to see a live interview with writers of this caliber.

Joey Tuccio, Founder of Roadmap Writers and Happy Writers

Joey Tuccio has founded two great companies that help connect writers with the industry. In a little over a year, Roadmap Writers has already helped 23 aspiring writers sign with management companies. He’s the master of the quick pitch and will give valuable lessons on how to best approach a pitch, whether in a Roadmap Writer’s room or as you begin your waterbottle tour. 

Jen Grisanti – NBC Current Programs Exec and Founder of Jen Grisanti Consulting

As a Current Programs Executive, she was exposed to the entire creative process, which means she knows what the studio wants, what the network looks for, and what kind of material you need in order to get hired. She also works with The Huffington Post to provide blog content for their entertainment section.

See you soon!