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5 Awesome Things Screenwriters Can Do with WriterDuet Pro

By Staff · June 12, 2017

By Dennis Budde, Product Manager at WriterDuet

If I had to choose just five…

Login Anywhere

Web apps are the future of software for a reason. WriterDuet was designed as a cloud-based software so that we could build from a core of stellar features. Among them: Auto-save, infinite history, real-time collaboration, secure sharing, and access from any device at any time (including mobile).

Being cloud-based normally comes with two disadvantages: Web-dependency and security. But fear not! WD (1) Works offline with seamless syncing, and (2) Features client-side encryption, which means that your script can be locked with a password that exists nowhere on the internet.

So that’s one way in which WriterDuet is unique and awesome (but that one way is also seven ways).

Import/Export Anything

WriterDuet imports, exports, and pastes from Final Draft, Celtx, and Fountain formats. We can even import and auto-format PDFs with near-perfect accuracy.

Linguistically speaking, WD is compatible with languages as obscure as Romanian (de ce nu?) and as different as Chinese. This sets us distinctly apart, even without the auto-translate feature that we’re building now.

Travel Time

As a sci-fi fan and guy who accidentally deletes stuff, this is my favorite thing about WriterDuet. Complete line history is always just a click away. Every time a draft is created, changes from the save point are automatically tracked with standard revision notation. The draft itself can be also be used as the starting point for a new script in a parallel universe!

For those of us who lack forethought (to the rest of you: happy belated Mothers’ Day), WD features a time-lapse of the entire writing process. One can pause it at any moment to export a new script.


Good scripts are built on hard work and lots of feedback–just like good software. WriterDuet scripts are meant to be shared with co-writers, readers, editors, actors, producers, and moms. Multiple writers can edit simultaneously and in real-time, and offline edits merge seamlessly. Chat, video call and line comments are built into the display. These tools are meant to not only facilitate, but elevate the writing experience.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process, at every level – starting with the screenplay. By removing inconvenient workflows and logistical boundaries, WriterDuet maximizes creative collaboration and efficient feedback.


WriterDuet can filter down to a shot list, a character’s dialogue, or any subset of scenes or line-types without losing the ability to edit lines. With our new Tagger, tags can also be added to any word or words. Clicking the label will filter to the tag or set of tags, so that one can view a plot-line or prop list in one click. We designed our filtering tool to fit variable workflows for managing and organizing a script, without sacrificing usability.

WriterDuet is built to be intuitive first and foremost, because we built it to write screenplays and sketches ourselves. We want everything to just work, so that you can just write. Real-time: just works. History: just works. Organization: just works. Multiple devices and formats: just work. When it comes down to it, this one thing is what really makes WriterDuet awesome. But that that one thing is also everything. In the words of some actual writers:

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“WriterDuet is the most intuitive, most user-friendly scriptwriting software Ive ever used.” – Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure)

“WriterDuet combines instinct and user-friendliness… Its a meticulously-created gem, and a must-have for collaborations.” – Jim Uhls (Fight Club)