Calling All Writers: Weekly Contest Roundup – 6/26/2017

By Staff · June 26, 2017

Welcome back to The Script Lab’s weekly screenwriting contest roundup – our gathering of all the latest in contest news, updates, and announcements for emerging screenwriters looking to make a splash. Screenwriting competitions are tried and true when it comes to planting a foot firmly in the appropriate door, so remember to check back often (every Monday) for the most up-to-date info on all the weekly winners and deadlines!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Contest News, Updates, and Announcements:

Winner named in WeScreenplay Short Film Fund

WeScreenplay has awarded their inaugural short film fund to Borders of the Imagination by Benjamin Friedman. According to MovieBytes, the script is “an inventive and thematically relevant story about a rampantly xenophobic America, where a rookie guard at an internment camp for “Imaginals” (children’s imaginary friends come-to-life) must navigate the surreal moral terrain of his new job as his brutal gunslinging partner initiates him into its darkest realities.” Benjamin will recieve up to $10,000 to fund production of the VFX heavy short.

ScreenCraft Recognizes the Winners of the China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship, Presented by Orb Media Group

Along with its Global Storytelling Panel at the Shanghai International Film Festival, ScreenCraft recognized the winners of the recent China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship, in association with Orb Media Group. The fellowship is the first cross-cultural screenwriting mentorship program designed to develop writers in both English and Chinese languages.

Upcoming Screenwriting Contest Deadlines:

The following contest deadlines are fast approaching. Submit now!

BlueCat Screenplay Competition – $55

Final Deadline 6/26 (today!)

Emerging Screenwriters Competition – $65

Final Deadline 6/28

ScreenCraft $20,000 Short Film Fund – $55

Final Deadline 6/30

ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest – $59

Final Deadline 7/1

WeScreenplay TV Pilot Screenwriting Contest – $59

Final Deadline 7/7

Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest – $65

Extended Deadline 7/14