Calling All Writers: Weekly Contest Roundup – 11/13/2017

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Welcome back to The Script Lab’s weekly screenwriting contest roundup – our gathering of all the latest in contest news, updates, and announcements for emerging screenwriters looking to make a splash. Screenwriting competitions are tried and true when it comes to planting a foot firmly in the appropriate door, so remember to check back often (every Monday) for the most up-to-date info on all the weekly winners and deadlines!

Contest News, Updates, and Announcements:

Emerging Screenwriters Announces the Top 100 Screenplays of 2017

Emerging Screenwriters has announced 2017’s list of the 100 most promising up and coming scripts. The full list, in alphabetical order, is available here.

Shore Scripts Names Contest Finalists

Shore Scripts has announced the finalists in their feature, pilot, and short script contest categories.


by Jamie Napoli & Joshua Paul Johnson
In a desperate last attempt to save his failing marriage, an acting coach stages a home invasion during a romantic weekend getaway.

by Alexander von Hofman
When a nurse takes a job caring for an old woman with Complete Locked In Syndrome, she becomes the target of a darkness that surrounds the old woman and her past.

by Beth Curry
In 1928 Mississippi, a white woman and black woman have an affair while battling the racial tensions of a small town.

By Robert Zameroski
A taciturn coal miner’s life is upended by the return of his drug addicted brother.

by Jerome Velinsky
A small-town cop facing her own personal tragedy, becomes entangled in an unsettling series of reports that a sourceless ‘humming’ sound is haunting her once non-eventful town, but only a percentage of residents can hear it.

TV Pilot

by Glenn Acosta
A criminal and a woman he abducted both have their memories erased in the aftermath of their incident so they can resume their lives with fresh starts, but through the perfect storm of events life brings them back together.

by William J. Zide
Trapped in the last three days of his life living and dying a hundred different possible stories and choices, a man searches for a way out.

by Cat Dale
In 1889 Oklahoma, Native American children are mandated to attend the Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government, but when Lola’s older brother does not return from school, she risks her life by leaving the reservation to find out what happened to him.

by Lachlan Marks & Ella Roby
A troubled police officer’s investigation into a possible murder brings a sinister underground society to the streets of a mountain-side town, threatening to unleash a powerful new drug that offers users the chance to experience life as children.

by Michele Dagle
After a prophetic vision, a woman discovers that she can communicate with the dead and begins to unravel a local conspiracy involving real estate misdeeds, stolen money, and murder.


by Karen Frank
A routine traffic fatality becomes a publicity nightmare for a small town police chief when the victim’s mother takes to social media to share her grief.

by Kae Bahar
When going crazy is the only way out!

by Jerome Villarin
A desperate addict struggles to escape from her unsavory captor.

The winners will be announced November 30th, 2017.

Rhode Island Film Fest Names Competition Winners

The Rhode Island Film Festival has announced the winners in their annual screenwriting competition. This year’s winner is Barry Brennessel, whose script “Anh Sang” was selected from over 460 entries.  According to Shawn Quirk, the RIIFF Program Director, “Barry Brennessel’s script is both an intimate love story and an epic depiction of French Indochina in the throes of World War I. The script is a defining work that chronicles an often-underrepresented perspective in history.”  Winners were also selected in seven distinct categories: Best Screenplay, Best International, Vortex Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror, Best LGBTQ, Spotlight on New England, Best Short Screenplay and Best Television Pilot


Upcoming Screenwriting Contest Deadlines:

The following contest deadlines are fast approaching. Submit now!

Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition – $70
Regular Deadline 11/16

WeScreenplay Feature – $59
Late Deadline 11/17

San Francisco Indie Screenplay Competition – $55
Final Deadline 11/28

ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest – $39
Early Deadline 12/16

ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest – $49
Final Deadline 12/30

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