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Calling All Writers: Weekly Contest Roundup – 12/4/2017

By Jeff Legge · December 4, 2017

Welcome back to The Script Lab’s weekly screenwriting contest roundup – our gathering of all the latest in contest news, updates, and announcements for emerging screenwriters looking to make a splash. Screenwriting competitions are tried and true when it comes to planting a foot firmly in the appropriate door, so remember to check back often (every Monday) for the most up-to-date info on all the weekly winners and deadlines!

Contest News, Updates, and Announcements:

Shore Scripts Announces Contest Winners

Shore Scripts has announced their Screenplay Contest Winners for 2017 in all categories.


1st Place
by Beth Curry
In 1928 Mississippi, a white woman and black woman have an affair while battling the racial tensions of a small town.

2nd Place
By Robert Zameroski
A taciturn coal miner’s life is upended by the return of his drug addicted brother.

3rd Place
by Alexander von Hofman
When a nurse takes a job caring for an old woman with Complete Locked In Syndrome, she becomes the target of a darkness that surrounds the old woman and her past.

4th Place
by Jamie Napoli & Joshua Paul Johnson
In a desperate last attempt to save his failing marriage, an acting coach stages a home invasion during a romantic weekend getaway.

5th Place
by Jerome Velinsky
A small-town cop facing her own personal tragedy, becomes entangled in an unsettling series of reports that a sourceless ‘humming’ sound is haunting her once non-eventful town, but only a percentage of residents can hear it.


1st Place
by William J. Zide
Trapped in the last three days of his life living and dying a hundred different possible stories and choices, a man searches for a way out.

2nd Place
by Cat Dale
In 1889 Oklahoma, Native American children are mandated to attend the Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government, but when Lola’s older brother does not return from school, she risks her life by leaving the reservation to find out what happened to him.

3rd Place
by Lachlan Marks & Ella Roby
A troubled police officer’s investigation into a possible murder brings a sinister underground society to the streets of a mountain-side town, threatening to unleash a powerful new drug that offers users the chance to experience life as children.

4th Place
by Michele Dagle
After a prophetic vision, a woman discovers that she can communicate with the dead and begins to unravel a local conspiracy involving real estate misdeeds, stolen money, and murder.

5th Place
by Glenn Acosta
A criminal and a woman he abducted both have their memories erased in the aftermath of their incident so they can resume their lives with fresh starts, but through the perfect storm of events life brings them back together.


1st Place
by Karen Frank
A routine traffic fatality becomes a publicity nightmare for a small town police chief when the victim’s mother takes to social media to share her grief.

2nd Place
by Kae Bahar
When going crazy is the only way out!

3rd Place
by Jerome Villarin
A desperate addict struggles to escape from her unsavory captor.

Final Draft Names 2017 Finalists in Big Break Competition

Final Draft has announced the Finalists for their 2017 Big Break Screenwriting Contest:


A Random Act of Kindness by Jason Hefter
Blacktop by John Mahony
Chokepoint by Erik LeDrew
Dead Drop by Nancy Duff
Minute Man by Craig Effrain
Moonchild by Aaron Daniel Jacob
On Target by Keith Russell
The Day to Come by Andrew James Porter
The Fantasy Ridge by Kosha Engler
The Last Getaway by James Shepard

Cage by Keri Lee
Conquistadoro by Peter Mann
My Boyfriend the App by Kevin Bachar
Mystery Man by Erik Howard
Picking Up Porter Douglas by Ann LeSchander
Ruby by Hanna Jensen & Tim Hoag
Superfan by Chris Smith & Daniel Vincent Gordh
The Anklebiter by Andy Jones
The Folly of Two by James Godfrey
The One Percenter by H.A. Young

Aleppo by Robert Dantas
Amelia by Dana Kendler
As We Go… by Giovanni Porta
Darlings by Aaron Yeung
Dead Drunk & Naked by David Scott Martin
El Camino by Nicolas Pinzon
I’m Not Phil by Eugene Ramos
Jersey Justice by June Finfer
Salvación: A Love Story by Jesus Celaya
The Harvest by Doua Moua

3D at the Palace by Kent Wilson
Compass by Douglas E. Spaltro
Damn the Valley by Daniel Wilson Clark
Pain by Christopher Arundel & Auregan Falip
Send by Mark Anderson
Source by Tracey Bradley
Spytown by Adam Tobin
Stray by Julia Mogerman
The No-Goods by Michael Hubbard
The Pit by Michael A Schmueck

Area 52 High by Joel Foster
Better Watch Out by Dan Remmes & John Morning
Chances by Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt
Doodle by Jonathan Medici
Eulila and the Lighthouse by Jeff Thomas
Girl From the Stars by Derek Chng
I Am Khama! by Mark Macauley
Little Gumshoe and the Naptime Blues by John Bradley
Princess Pirate by Dean Anello, Bernardo Gigliotti & Brittney Ryan
Return to Santa by Kevin Naughton

8 Guns and a Pinkerton by Matt Herrmann
Bodey’s Banner by Ernestina Juarez
Dahlia by Craig Clyde & Dana Wall
Dust to Dust by Cate Honzl
Edge of the Earth by Seth Renshaw
Fawcett’s Revenge by Lynette Crawford-Williams
Hamadi by Reginald Joseph
Red in Tooth and Claw by Brennig Hayden
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain by Stu Marks
The Man From the Deep by Robert P. Riley

After You by Bob Gebert
Artificial by Jonathan Dillon
Hello by Karla Spika
Invader by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Plus 7 by Andy Healy
Starlight by David Trotti
Taminex by Anya Meksin & William Gerrard
The Best Version of You by Mark Ward
The Last Beast of Versailles by Paul Leo Kimball & Parker Jamison
Wendigo by Mike Langer

Buzzkill by Christopher Momenee & Jeff Goldstone
City Under Fire by Greta Heinemann
Dalton by Tim Wolfe
Greener by Erick Pausz & Graham Locke
Ninety Proof by Nick Lentz
Playing Dirty by Richard Blaney
Redwater by Tyler Savage
Survival Skills by Scott Kirkpatrick
The Bride of Death by Michael Phillis
The Clan of Ox by Chandler Holloway


Aeternum by Heidi Nyburg
Bunkered by Sarah McCarron
Can’t Help Myself by Elaine Loh
Hotel California by Mariana Bension
Kimchi Cowboy by Tony Cammarata
Metamorphosis by Johanna Factor
Portia’s Law by Hana Callaghan & Chad Callaghan
Solis by Dana Brawer
The Lioness of Brittany by Heather Ragsdale
Wagon by Jerry Howard

Half-Hour Pilot
Charm City Cheddar by Brett Melnick
Expats by Paul Leo Dietz
Leila, Again by Naomi Brodkin
Max Crysis by MJ Gardner
Rentals by Will Golder
Shifter by Dan Markowitz & Brian Morrissey
Splash Town by Brigitte Erickson
Stage Five by Alexandra Timmer
Starseed by Greg Wayne
The Islanders by Liza Behles

Hour-Long Pilots
Black Circle by Nathan Wilcoxen
Codename: Raven by Diane Musselman
Double Effect by Jonathan Flicker
Egalite by Michael Head
Judas by Joe Brukner
Paper Heroes by Crystal Skillman & Fred Van Lente
Pawn’s Promotion by Gosha Shapiro
Shelter by JJ Bailey
The End by Derek Asaff
Vesta by Jenny Deiker

Upcoming Screenwriting Contest Deadlines:

The following contest deadlines are fast approaching. Submit now!

Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition – $65
Regular Deadline 12/14

ScreenCraft China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship – $49
Early Deadline 12/14

WeScreenplay Feature Competition – $69
Final Deadline 12/15

ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest – $39
Early Deadline 12/16

ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest – $49
Final Deadline 12/30

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