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Calling All Writers: Weekly Contest Roundup – 12/4/2017

By Staff · December 11, 2017

Welcome back to The Script Lab’s weekly screenwriting contest roundup – our gathering of all the latest in contest news, updates, and announcements for emerging screenwriters looking to make a splash. Screenwriting competitions are tried and true when it comes to planting a foot firmly in the appropriate door, so remember to check back often (every Monday) for the most up-to-date info on all the weekly winners and deadlines!

Contest News, Updates, and Announcements:

National Screenwriters Day Names Quarterfinalists

The quarterfinalists in the 2017 National Screenwriters Day Screenwriting Competition have been announced. Check out the full list below:

Gary Makin, Facsimile 
Michael Barnard, Everybody Says Goodbye — The Story of a Father and Son 
Meg Leader, The God Helmet 
SiewFeng (Kaede) Loh, The Talented Uncle Julian 
Bobby Sacher, Hope to Die 
Richard Willett, My Brother’s Killer 
Tina Field Howe, Axis Prime 
Joel Karlinsky, The Magic Hourglasses 
Kathy Krantz-Stewart, Hollow Earth Quest
Randy Cruts, Today the Tiger Smiled 
Chuck Bila, Spicy Pie Society 
David Johnson, Back Biting 
Demitra Papadinis, The Wonderful 
Julian Biba, Leap of Faith 
Art Blum, The Channel 
Ferdinand Gernandt, Discordant 
Jan Dalby, Campout Finale 
Jan Dalby, Angelica’s Touch 
Therese Harrold, Not As I Do 
Freny Desai, William D McCann, Diss’d 
Mary Krell-Oishi, Best Served Cold 
Joanne Guidoccio, Between Land and Sea 
Craig Horwitz, FEAR, There & Everywhere 
Nick Walsh, One Night in Georgia 
Khalil Sullins, The Disease 
James Sullivan, The Face of Pain
Jan Kaschner, Husband Heist 
Jeff Eagle, Zigi 
Frances Presley Rice, Daddy King And Me 
Kate M. McMahon, Taste This! 
Bobby Sacher, The Killing Mind 
Kathaleen Brewer, The Valedictorian
Ian Greenham, Warnings on the Water 
Dianne Butts, Jenna’s Light 
Rebecca Ann Dowty, Agent M.I.L.F.
Chris Courtney Martin, Pale Horse 
Sean Collins-Smith, End of Life 
Ana Loes, f7 / f2 
JoAnn Hess, Grandfella 
John Dummer, The Moonbeam Fisherman 
Don Stroud, Splashdown 
Alexis Blaess, Shunko 
Bobby Sacher, Splintered Soul 
Einar Gunn, Fifteen Years Later 
Richard Novosak, Future Uncertain tense 
Amanda Samaroo, Love Is Free Will 
John Pisano-Thomsen, Pride & President 
Delia Colvin, Radar Contact 
Lucinda Spurling, Me & Jezebel 
Mitch Emoff, Pete Simon – Agent of God 
Sonya Davis, Probe 2 
Michael Lavers, After Love 
Herman Dhaliwal, The Ticket 
Ken White, Lions of Florence 
Jeff Bergquist, Voluntary Manslaughter 
Jeff Racho, Buccaneers of the Asteroid Belt
Linda Toussaint, Nauti Girls 
Bruce Butler, Catch 4:20 


StoryPros Announces Contest Finalists 

The finalists have been announced in the 11th Annual StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition. Check out the full list here:

3D At The Palace, Kent Wilson
A Better Place, Katterina Powers
American Heroes, Michael T. Miller
Angeles Bay, Jerry Earl Brown
Beam  Brian, Gerber
Binary Code, Philip Sedgwick
Blade, Blood, Bullets & Babes, Patrick Thompson
Cosmic Justice, David Carren, Richard Gould
Darryn The Bold, Justin Best
Dead On The Inside, Selene Raffel
Deep Water Blues, Richard Guimond
Exit Permit, Nektarios Chrissos
Fireflies, Amanda Keener
For Elise, William Gammon
Ghost Writer, William Gammon
God Willing, Fernando Chavez
Gods And Guns, Ken Floyd
Grace Note, Kara Emily Krantz
Grant’s Cross, Ernestina Juarez
If You Walk Away, Scott A. Aiman
Insinuation, F. Scott Mudgett
Juror 77819, Jamee Decio
Luckmaster’s Next Song, Alan Howcroft
Matriculation, Mark J. Rose
MissGuided, Bridget Bell McMahon
Mona Lisa Caper, Gina Cresse
Needles, Michael Bierman
Old West, Amechi Ngwe, Nnamdi Ngwe
Phantom In Time, Douglas Charles Macleod
Play The Fool, Mark Gunnion
Shadow Dragon, Lance Horton
Sleep With Me, Carolina Bernzt
The Eidolons, Patrick Hatten
The Elephant Whisperer, Robin Trevor-Goode
The World Around, Patrick Poff
Wrath Of Angels, Jordan Dale

Upcoming Screenwriting Contest Deadlines:


The following contest deadlines are fast approaching. Submit now!

Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition – $65
Regular Deadline 12/14

ScreenCraft China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship – $49
Early Deadline 12/14

WeScreenplay Feature Competition – $69
Final Deadline 12/15

ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest – $39
Early Deadline 12/16

ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest – $49
Final Deadline 12/30

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