Hitchcock: Gives Us a Peep Behind the Curtain

By November 23, 2012Movie Reviews

 Just released in theaters, Hitchcock reveals to the world a genius’ utmost inspiration: the owner of his heart, showcasing a true exemplification of the famous saying, “Behind every great man, there is a great woman!” The movie is not so much a biopic on the making of Psycho as it is a love story between the renowned and infinitely admired Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his dear wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren).

 It was really very fascinating to see the authority our heart holds amongst all aspects of our lives, it is really the final word, setting our minds to the worst of moods or lifting our spirits to a delirious state of extreme glory. Here we see Hitch (hold the “cock”—as he so wittily put it) travel from one extreme to the other as Alma guides his heart and soul:

Among those many people who have contributed to my life, I ask permission to mention by name only four people who have given me the most affection, appreciation, and encouragement, and constant collaboration. The first of the four is a film editor. The second is a scriptwriter. The third is the mother of my daughter, Pat. And the fourth is a fine a cook as ever performed miracles in a domestic kitchen. And their names are Alma Reville. —Alfred Hitchcock

Beautiful! How very fortunate he was to have such a talented wife to support him. The compelling couple did really make an exceptional team. And now, with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren you can watch the Hitchcock duo in action during the making of one of their most successful films: Psycho. I loved seeing how much of a creative influence Alma was in Hitchcock’s career. Never would I have guessed that it was Alma who insisted on adding music to the infamous shower murder scene. What would it be without the music!?  

Although the movie made me mad at times—I was craving so badly just a few small glimpses of Janet’s Leigh’s shower scene in the real Psycho—it was overall very enjoyable and fun. But how could it not be? Anthony Hopkins is just as much a genius as the man he plays, delivering an excellent performance. And Helen Mirren certainly does not fall behind.

One of Hitchcock’s most noticeable features—other than his corpulence, that is—is that painfully witty sense of humor.  I was glad to see Hopkins did not disappoint in capturing it.

I am—along with probably almost all the rest of humanity, the smarter rest, that is—a ginormous fan of Hitchcock. I think I would have liked any movie that would have shown even the slightest glimpse of his personal affairs, likes and dislikes, and just about anything else. Not to say that this movie was just any movie, it was good enough: well-done, well directed, funny, enthralling. But it was definitely not “Hitchcock brilliant.” Although about Hitchcock, it lacked his touch, which marks it just a few stars below ten…a seven, seven and a half.