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5 Predictions for Season 3 of OITNB

By Margeaux Johnson · August 5, 2014

For fans of the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black, the thrill of Litchfield has come and gone. Season 2 premiered back in early June and most of us devoured the 13 episode season in one full swoop-or one long weekend. That leaves us with a long year of waiting for the next installment.

Season 2 moved away from the fish out of water story we experienced in the first season. Piper shed any last shred of innocence when she nearly killed Pennsatucky and Alex proved to be just as cutthroat as the drug dealers she worked for when she made a plea bargain without telling Piper. Season 2 gave us more of an ensemble cast, putting Alex and Piper’s strained relationship on the backburner. As we learned the back stories of more characters, it was easy to see that the ladies of Litchfield were complex; good and bad but always a little crazy.

The season also brought Vee, the Queen Pen supreme played by Lorraine Toussaint.  Her entrance marked a significant change between best pals Taystee and Poussey. Their playful friendship was torn apart by Vee’s manipulation. We watched them deteriorate and cheered when they came back together. By the season’s end, we learned that there is a sense of order and morality within the confines of the criminal community. Vee was a threat to that order and she was quickly taken out in an unceremonious-yet refreshingly funny hit and run.

Season 3 is currently being filmed and the OITNB camp is up to some tricks. They are adding at least two new characters, but we don’t know if they’ll be part of the Litchfield community or play in the back story. The actresses are Blair Brown (Fringe) and Oscar winner Mary Steenburgen (Powder). Also, Poussey, Daya and Nicky have all been upped to series regulars.

Another season 3 update is that the beloved Pornstache will not be returning. While he won’t appear in any episodes for the upcoming season, I’m betting he will make a few appearances during season 4. 

While we salivate for spoilers or re-watch season 2 for the fourth time (don’t judge me) it’s time to take all that we’ve learned about the women and men of Litchfield and decide what’s in store for season 3. Here are five predictions for season 3. 

Alex vs. Piper

Piper is probably the most disliked character on the show and the first episode of season 2 changed that. We learned about Piper’s background and saw her allow Alex to screw her over again. The relationship between the two was mute for most of the season allowing us some time to breathe from their back and forth dysfunction.

Alex is on her way back to Litchfield thanks to Piper’s waspy meddling. Alex’s return won’t be the cozy reunion Piper thinks. Pitting the two against one another is a logical step and puts some distance between them, allowing more background and action between the other inmates. 

Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes finally found a friend in season 2. Vee saw what Crazy Eyes needed and gave it to her on a silver platter. She provided her the attention and love she needed but at a huge cost. With Vee’s betrayal, Crazy Eyes is once again at the crossroads of rejection.

It’s time for Crazy Eyes to get some help. This season should show Crazy Eyes getting treatment for her disorders and finally coming into her own. We won’t see a completely different character, but I’m hoping to see more of her Shakespearean recitations and less head banging. It’ll be nice to see Crazy Eyes let down her hair.


The end of season 2 left Nicky face-to-face with her addiction. In order to get back at Vee for attacking Red, she stole her stash of heroin. Nicky has been clean for two years, but the season left us wondering if she would relapse.

Season 3 will hone in on Nicky’s drug lapse and delve more into her background. We know that she had a rocky relationship with her mom, and started drugs early on. We need to know more. I mentioned earlier that there are two new cast members. I believe that at least one of the characters will have something do to with Nicky. 


Now that everyone knows she’s pregnant with Bennett’s baby there’s nothing left to hide. In season 2, we saw Daya go through emotional and hormonal changes.  She also finally gave her mother a little slack. While she and Bennett exchanged love letters, Pornstache was hung out to dry-again, still believing that the love of his life is carrying his child.

After more than a season of being pregnant, it’s time for Daya to give birth. I believe this season we will see Daya grow up. The adolescent-like relationship she shared with Bennet is over and it’s time for them to make adult decisions. Daya will have to give the baby up. It will be up to Bennett to decide whether he will leave his job to care for the baby or let the baby go into adoption. 

Big Boo

Boo was hilarious in season 2. Between her contest with Nicky on who could sleep with the most girls and her manipulation of a very clueless Pennsatucky, she captured my heart. She also landed on the bad side of those she loved when she went against Red to help Vee rise to power. 

Big Boo has a lot of reckoning to do. Although she helped Nicky to steal Vee’s heroin, she needs to prove her loyalty. Also, what’s her story? She has jokingly said that she’s not a fighter, she’s a lover-and she’s shown that. Season 3 is the perfect time for us to learn Boo’s back story. 

Of course, there are many directions each character’s story can take. The great thing about OITNB is that the writers keep you guessing. We’ll revisit this in a year and see how close these predictions were.