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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Opener Under Heavy Inspection

By Cameron Cubbison · October 12, 2014

Tonight, Season 5 of The Walking Dead returns and we will all finally be able to see what happens to our beloved pack of lovable misfits on the run. Terminus is an evil place. One we (at least non-readers) don't understand why it's so evil. What's going on behind the scenes? Why is that grill in the background so damn big? Where's all the food coming from? And why has everyone been locked in a train car? 

The above questions will either be answered tonight or opened up for marination during the season. Either way, we are happy today is here. But tonight's episode will be under serious inspection by fans, critics and even those annoying people who don't watch any of the shows, but act like they do. Through the seasons we have gone back and forth from the zombies vs. humans scenario to the humans vs. humans scenario. It seems now we are back on kilter with the humans vs. humans plot route. That being said, from what we've seen and heard, this could be the first season where there is a genuine mix of the two. 

Tonight's episode airs on AMC at 9/8c. 

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