NEW Jurassic World Trailer Isn’t…Bad

By Cameron Cubbison · November 25, 2014

All we've seen all day is "It's here! It's here!" Yes, the new (and long awaited) Jurassic World trailer has dropped and you would have thought we cured cancer. No, we just got another mediocre, at best, trailer for a film we are [now] worried about. 

Jurassic World has potential, but this trailer has made us scratch our heads thinking "where is IT?" What are we referring to when we say "IT?" Well, this franchise has never been a bad one. The first entry was a masterpiece in Action/Adventure filmmaking – a real ode to the blockbusters Spielberg made in his early career. The sequels that followed weren't…bad. They were engaging, but relied much too heavily on dated story and directing formulas that made the first one work. They never stood solely as their own films. With Jurassic World, we get more of the same. 

Go back and watch the trailer. And then watch it again. From a far-fetched plot point of a genetically engineered dino to the horrendous one-liners delivered by the star surfing Pratt, we are presented with grandeur over guts. 

We still have hope. Don't get us wrong about that. But for now, "ugh." 

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