Filmmaking: Paul Thomas Anderson Speaks on Inherent Vice

By Cameron Cubbison · December 21, 2014

P.T. Anderson is making the rounds with Inherent Vice, a nonlinear adapted screenplay that, at its core, is an offbeat noir throwback with more black comedy than you can handle at times.

Either way, the screenplay is something to examine since it is on the “doing it my way” end of the spectrum. Paired with a good understanding of the source material from Anderson, and some top notch acting, Inherent Vice is definitely some much deserved escapism from a year that has been filled with a lot of hard hitting rage.

Below is an interview from Studio 360 with the writer/director – one that provides some great context for not only the film’s content, but what goes into adapting source material as zany and colorful as Pynchon’s.



Audio Credit: Studio 360