The Mad Max Legacy

By April 16, 2015December 29th, 2017Entertainment

George Miller created one of the best franchises in cinema: Mad Max. But what has kept this series up is raw storytelling combined with pure talent; that talent being the ability to execute large production sets and effects and still have great story and character development at the core. Typically, they do not come together.

With the original Mad Max we got a shoestring budget that produced a raw, unapologetic story that broke new ground.

With The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) we got a much larger budget and an articulate continuation of our story.

Thunderdome was a highly passable third entry that presented intriguing new scenarios and characters, but fell slightly short of its earlier entires.

We now have Mad Max: Fury Road. What will be Miller’s largest budget and effects driven chapter yet will hopefully also be his best. Again, we will have many new characters entering the ring, while we will also have a chunky storyline that lends itself to applicable action that melts the screen.

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