New Fantastic Four Trailer Seriously Ups the Marvel Ante

By April 20, 2015December 29th, 2017Entertainment

Marvel is owning every square inch of the box office these days with movie after movie after movie. It’s just what it’s been branded, a universe. And within that universe lives many different characters, storylines and connections. One of those storylines that had such potential was Fantastic Four. But the first two attempts were beyond repair. And then came along Josh Trank.



Josh Trank has little to his name from a frequency standpoint (granted he’s not even 30 years old), but what he does have is a damn good debut under his belt. Trank co-wrote and directed Chronicle, a film that gave “found footage” a good name. With what we know so far with F4, Trank is successfully channeling his dark talents into a much larger scale film.

With a capable young cast, F4 has the potential to be yet another Marvel win.

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