5 Reasons You Haven’t Taken Advantage of Your Writing Routine

By Jameson Brown · August 30, 2014

Writing is a process. Sitting down and scheduling out time to write is even more of a process. This concise list should help give you some energy to pump out what needs to be said.


5. You’re Daydreaming. Stop. 

You have thought and thought and mapped out your story and characters hundreds of times. Stop. They are ready to go. Shut up and start putting pen to paper. 

“Vision Without Execution is Hallucination” -Thomas Edison 



4. Excuses 

Don’t let yourself float off and become saturated with a series of meaningless tasks. Nothing will get done and you will regress back into reason #5. 


3. You’re Wasting Your Time

Write things that matter, that propel your story forward. Make 15 minutes count versus 30 minutes of mindless direction. Having an initial “stream of consciousness” style of writing is a good tactic for making this happen.


2. You’re Putting too Much Pressure on Yourself

Writing is a pleasure, remember? Allow yourself time to get pieces of your story done. Segment out checkpoints in your story. This will help with both scheduling and the pacing of your story. 


1. You’re Not Rewarding Yourself Enough

Give yourself small breaks as rewards. Go watch t.v. for 15 minutes or go for a quick 20 minute run. This will help give your mind a break, thus helping your writing stream flow much better overall.