Clip Analysis: Road to Perdition

The Situation

Michael Sullivan finally confronts John Rooney.

The Characters

Michael Sullivan and John Rooney.

The Reasoning

Michael Sullivan was betrayed by John Rooney. Rooney was his "father," a man he trusted with his life and family. All of that means nothing now. In fact, not only does it mean nothing, but it means that Sullivan (once regrouped) will stop at nothing to take Rooney's life out of revenge for his dead son and wife. Taking Rooney's life will also guarantee the safety of his son. 

The Notes

– The half circle dolly.

– A well written and perfectly delivered line from Paul Newman.

– Cutting all sound and allowing Thomas Newman's score to roll over the spray of bullets in the night.

– The hard dolly in on Newman's face once he understands his fate. 

– Portraying Tom Hanks' Sullivan as a ghost in the rain vs. just another killer seeking revenge.

– The only real sound bite being the loud scream of a tommy gun. 

Clip Credit