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The Inaugural TSL Online Screenwriting Summit Has Launched!

By Staff · August 26, 2017

Last weekend, The Script Lab launched its first ever Screenwriting Virtual Summit – beginning with a free weekend of lectures and interviews with Oscar-winning filmmakers and Emmy-winning TV writers!

The Summit (which is available online with the purchase of our all-year, all-access pass) brings together industry luminaries and celebrated pros including executives from NBC Universal, CBS, Warner Bros and Studio 71, as well as screenwriters of such beloved shows as MAD MEN, NCIS, PLANET OF THE APES, CRASH, 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, OLIVE KITTERIDGE and many more!

The interviews included in the Summit run the gamut, from deep-dives into the craft of screenwriting to specific advice on writing for feature film and television. In addition, our discussions with studio executives, agents, managers, and talent discovery specialists offer essential tips and tricks for making the kind of splash necessary for breaking into the industry. In short, whether you’re looking to hone your craft, get your foot in the door, or both, the experts included in our 2017 TSL Screenwriting Summit make it an essential viewing experience for any emerging screenwriters.

“Far too many people come into this business because they’re in love with themselves in the art. They want to be in show-business. They want to be in the movies… The people who will create great work and have careers based upon excellence are the people that are in love with the art in themselves.”
-Robert McKee, Creative Writing Instructor, Best-selling Author 

“One of the best ways to get representation is to enter a screenwriting contest… If you win one of the top contests, somebody will come find you.”
-Carole Kirschner, Director of the WGA Showrunner Training Program, CBS Diversity Writers Program

“When you look at the hero’s journey, the hero achieves their goal… If we apply that to our life and realize that we’re going to hit a series of escalating obstacles, an all is lost moment, and then we’re going to figure it out. And we’re going to get there.”
-Jen Grisanti, Consultant and Writing instructor for NBC’s Writers On The Verge

We want to extend a big thanks to everyone who helped make the Summit’s launch such a huge success. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the response thus far, and we’re excited to bring our inaugural TSL Screenwriting Summit to an even bigger audience as the year goes on!

Expand your knowledge of the industry and propel your screenwriting career.

To gain year-round access to the TSL 2017 Screenwriting Summit, including all of our 30+ lectures from leading Hollywood professionals, consider purchasing an all-access pass, available now for $139.

Still on the fence? Here are a few of the Twitter-impressions we’ve received since the Summit’s launch.

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