Which Hollywood Literary Management Company is Best For You?

By Admin · January 9, 2018

Whether you’re overwhelmed by choices, or you’re just not quite sure what direction to take, when it comes to choosing a manager, we understand. You want a company that fits your vibe, skill level and appreciation of the genre and style you write. And you don’t want to waste time—that could be spent pitching—researching the umpteen amount of agencies just within city limits.

So we’ve done it for you. We’ve created a quiz that will help you figure out which Hollywood literary management company is best for you.

Take the quiz here!

Take it once; take it a couple of times. Take it however many times you want to figure out what directions your talent and screenplays can take you. And if you’re really just curious about all of your options, that’s cool too. Listed below are some of the best Hollywood literary management companies and some info about them.

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3 Arts

3 Arts is among the biggest management companies in the industry. They’re a powerhouse in TV comedy, but are strong with all genres of features as well. They rep some of the biggest writers in the industry. Their clients include Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, and Charlie Day. Their clients have created shows like The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Silicon Valley, Master of None, and many more.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: ScreenCraftPage Awards, Tracking Board, Nicholl


Anonymous Content is among the biggest management companies in Hollywood. They’re extremely influential in getting feature projects made and in the past few years, their clients have created some of the most respected films including Spotlight, The Revenant, and The Disaster Artist. They also do a great job in TV drama, producing shows like True Detective and Mr. Robot.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Nicholl, ScreenCraft, Austin Film Festival, Shore Scripts

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a fantastic management company that almost exclusively focuses on writers and directors. They tend to do great work with genre creators, though they’ve had clients with success across the board. Historically they’ve been strongest in features, but recently they’ve had big successes in TV as well with shows like Ozark and Extraction. Sci-fi, Horror and Action.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Tracking Board, Script Pipeline, Nicholl, ScreenCraft, Final Draft Big Break, Shore Scripts, Page Awards

Circle of Confusion

Circle of Confusion is a big management company that has had a lot of success in action features, including The Matrix, American Ultra, and Insurgent. They also produced one of the biggest television shows of all time, The Walking Dead.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: ScreenCraftNichollNashville Film Festival, Austin Film Festival


Bellevue is a boutique-sized management company that is interested in developing writers from the ground floor. While they tend to avoid a specific mandate, they work well with new voices in the industry.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Page Awards, Tracking Board, Script Pipeline, ScreenCraft, Austin Film Festival

Echo Lake

This is a management and production company that has really evolved into a big player over the past decade. Echo Lake focuses on high-end specialty films, especially those aimed at mature and awards-savvy audiences. They usually avoid anything too genre, but will push the boundaries of what makes a traditional drama. They’re known most recently for Nebraska, Truth, and Romeo and Juliet.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: ScreenCraft, Austin Film Festival, Final Draft Big Break, Shore Scripts


Kaplan/Perrone is a management company that is extremely focused on writers. They represent some big writing names like Scott Neustadter and Dave Callaham. Because of their focus on writers, they’re a bit more boutique, but they’re known for keeping clients busy with work.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: ScreenCraft, Tracking Board

Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains has one of the widest ranges of any midsized management company, but because they also represent comic book and video game writers, there is a nice dose of these types of feature film adaptation and TV projects as well. For example, Prince of Persia was created by a Heroes and Villains client. However, they don’t shy away from clients with award type projects like The Mayor of Shark City or TV projects like Shooter. All genres.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: WeScreenplayPage Awards, Tracking Board

The Gotham Group

The Gotham Group is big and has great relationships with publishing houses, so clients have a great opportunity to adapt successful literary works. In the past, clients have had massive success with films like The Maze Runner and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Drama features.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Page Awards, Tracking Board, Austin Film Festival, Final Draft Big Break

Good Fear

Created after the closing of BenderSpink (Chris Bender’s previous management company with credits like The Hangover and We’re the Millers), Good Fear is a small, young company with longtime talented managers. Because of the fantastic experience and client base, they’re quickly growing to be one of the strongest management companies. Comedy features, and they accept originals.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Script PipelinePage Awards, Tracking BoardFinal Draft Big Break

Untitled Entertainment

Untitled Entertainment is a heavy hitter of management companies and one of the biggest, especially among actors, which can be a big plus for writers looking for attachments. Their focus tends to be on feature adaptation writers because of A-list talent, but they also work in TV.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Page Awards, Tracking Board, Austin Film Festival

Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Brillstein is a big, strong management company that helped revolutionize original TV with The Sopranos. However, most of their modern TV work is with comedians. They are also big influencers in the feature world and with studio-sized projects.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Tracking Board, Atlanta Film Festival, Final Draft Big Break

Management 360

Management 360 reps some of the biggest actors in the world, but also has done an incredible job of focusing on unique voices in the industry. They rep the creators behind the dramatic, award-worthy features Lady Bird and The Shape of Water, released just this year. On the TV adaptation side, they represent the creators of Game of Thrones.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Page Awards, Austin Film Festival


Midsized Madhouse focuses on dark, star-driven thrillers on the original features side—Prisoners, Safe House, Contraband. Justin Marks, Aaron Guzikowski and David Guggenheim are among their star feature writers.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Tracking Board, Page AwardsScript Pipeline, Austin Film Festival, Final Draft Big Break


Mosaic is a large, heavily comedy-focused management company that boasts projects like Step Brothers and The Other Guys. They rep clients who work in both TV and Features, but historically have been focused on original features.

Competitions they’ve signed writers from: Tracking Board

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