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Five Plot Point Breakdown: Crocodile Dundee II (1988)

By Anthony Faust · January 18, 2018

Screenplay Genre: Action/Action/Adventure

Movie Time: 112 minutes


Michael J. Dundee (Paul Hogan), known as “Mick”, is living in New York City with his girlfriend Sue (Linda Kozlowski). He spends his days fishing in the New York harbor using sticks of dynamite and showing tricks he learned in his native Australia to kids in local playgrounds. Unbeknownst to Sue, her ex-husband Bob (Dennis Boutsikaris), a photographer, is on a dangerous assignment in Columbia. He photographs an execution carried out by ruthless drug lord Rico (Hechter Ubarry) and his partner Miguel (Juan Fernández). Bob escapes. He sends the photos to Sue back in New York after calling her and leaving a voicemail. The problem is, Miguel has tapped Bob’s frantic call to Sue. Rico and Miguel head to New York to confront Sue and retrieve the incriminating evidence against them. (00:17:20)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Mick has hooked up with Leroy Brown (Charles S. Dutton), who maintains a reputation for being “bad” but is, in reality, a harmless courier who delivers stationery. Leroy gives Mick a job delivering his supplies. Meanwhile, as she is leaving her office, Sue is approached by Miguel, who is hiding a gun underneath his coat. He calmly tells her to get into a vehicle waiting for them. Sue is taken to Rico’s mansion in Long Island. (00:23:08)


Rico forces Sue to call Mick and demand he bring the photos that Bob sent to Sue’s apartment. Mick teams up with Leroy and visits a local bar. They need a distraction, so they convince a gang of punk kids to accompany them to Rico’s mansion and wreak havoc. Mick, using his stealthy bushman skills, slips into Rico’s mansion and rescues Sue. Afterwards, Mick and Sue meet with two FBI agents, who have become involved after learning about the photos, in Sue’s apartment. Gunshots smash through the windows. Mick, Sue, and the FBI agents take cover. Mick knows he’s helpless in New York so he takes Sue back to Australia, luring Rico and his men back to his home turf. (00:59:22)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Mick has turned the tables on Rico and his men. He has them trapped in the Outback, in familiar territory, where he plays tricks on them while they try, but fail miserably, to capture Dundee. Walter Reilly (John Meillon), Mick’s old chum, has been taken by Rico and forced to lead them to Dundee. But Mick has been one step ahead. The second act of Crocodile Dundee II ends with Mick sneaking up behind Rico and putting his giant knife on his throat. He dryly tells Rico, “take your pants off”.  (01:43:44)


Mick and Charlie (Ernie Dingo), an aborigine helping Mick evade Rico, devise a clever plan. Mick swaps clothes with Rico to flush out Miguel, who is hiding out of sight. The plan works, but Wally and Sue show up and cause a disruption. Wally shoots Mick, who is disguised as Rico. Miguel pops up and shoots Rico, disguised as Mick. Sue aims her gun and shoots Miguel.

After the smoke clears, the result is three bodies, two of which are dead. The one who survived was Mick, dressed as Rico, but only because Wally is a lousy shot. Mick and Sue embrace and share a passionate kiss. Mick asks Sue if she is ready to go home. Sue replies, “I am home”. (01:46:36)

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