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What R U Seeing This Weekend, Bae?

By Tom Dever · March 15, 2018

Oh, look, ‘help’ creamed everyone in the Fantasy Movie League again. With a proven formula of selecting any and all horror films, his win streak is up to [four] straight weeks. I wish I could tell you he has been gracious in victory. I wish I could tell you that, but Fantasy Movie League is no fairy-tale world.

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Here are the Top 5! Congrats if you’ve made the list:

Someone, please beat him this week.

With that said, here are the trailers for the new movies that were released this weekend. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

7 Days in Entebbe

It’s easy to see the thinking here after Argo rode a $230 million box office to the Best Picture win five years ago. 70s political unrest in the Middle East? Check. Daring hostage rescue mission? Check. Big name cast? Mostly check. But something seems to be missing here. The 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route to Tel Aviv is not nearly as well known as the Iran hostage crisis and the end of March, as the box office ramps up its summer box office season, feels like an odd time for this would-be awards season prestige film.

I Can Only Imagine

The film tells the true story behind MercyMe’s chart-topping single “I Can Only Imagine.” A story of abuse, forgiveness and ultimately redemption, films in the faith market always seem to perform well, particularly with the baking of a popular Christian band and song in this case. Don’t be surprised to see this higher than you expect.

Love, Simon

While not likely to win the weekend from the likes of more popcorn fair and, you know, Black PantherLove, Simon seems well-equipped to recoup its expenses. Following the proven formula of quirky, heartfelt teen coming of age comedy based on a popular young adult novel, Love, Simon adds the element of a gay lead character and a somewhat high-concept premise. It feels poised to be this year’s The Fault in Our Stars.

Tomb Raider

What to make of Tomb Raider. On one hand, Wonder Woman showed the high-end potential for a female-led action spectacle. Add in Academy Award-winning Alicia Vikander and the pre-existing brand recognition of Tomb Raider and there is certainly potential. Then again, video game adaptations are often more miss than hit, the excitement for the franchise and this reboot feels tepid at best, and it’s not like the original series shattered box office records or anything. I love Vikander, but this has major bomb potential.



As the de facto ambassador to low budget indie fair here at The Script Lab offices, I feel compelled to shine a light on at least one fringe film each week. Enter Flower, a trailer you likely saw at a Laemmle while checking Best Picture noms off your list. A darkly comic story of a teenage girl who frames and blackmails older men feels like a breakout role for Zoey Deutch of The Disaster Artist and Everybody Wants Some!!! Flower isn’t going to compete or place in this weekend’s box office pool but figured I’d throw you a bone if you were tired of explosions.

Tom Dever writes for The Script Lab.

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