Top 10 Best Female Villains

By August 22, 2011Top 10 Lists

You have to admit, the female villain has a certain spark to her.

Maybe it's because no one suspects her. Or maybe it's because our society traditionally believes women to be incapable of certain atrocities. Better yet, maybe it's because she uses her "feminine charm" to befuddle those around her.

Playing an integral part in the movie industry, female villains account for some of the best film characters ever made. They are powerful, intriguing, and sometimes… down right freaky.

I know what you are thinking. The latex-covered Catwoman. The flowing red-locks of Poison Ivy. Don't get me wrong, these villains are great. They use their looks as a weapon, and kick-ass while doing it. However, film gives female villains a chance to be more than the classic "femme fatale", expanding on their backstories and motivations.

Whether it's her actions, her personality, or her looks, she defies what is expected of her – that’s what makes female villains so intricate and challenging. So, here's to the ladies that have scared, taunted, manipulated, or killed their way on to the Top 10 Female Villains list. To the women!