Top 10 Low Budget Movies

By March 15, 2012Top 10 Lists

Big budget movies are generally always visually impressive, I’ll admit. However, sometimes you cannot beat the raw blood, sweat and tears of a struggling filmmaker’s first low-budget feature.

But first, it’s important for me to specify what I mean by “low budget” in this list. I will be looking at films that were made for under $1 million. The reason that I have chosen to do this is because, otherwise, my selection of films would be endless. Rocky was only made for $1 million and yet won Best Picture, Moon was made for just $5 million and Juno was made for $7 million. In relation to other films in the same genre, all three would be considered low-budget, so a line had to be drawn. The highest budget on this list is $500,000 and the lowest is a mere $6,000.

What the filmmakers below achieved with such small budgets is astounding, and every single one of them could hold their own against the summer blockbusters! Read and be inspired!

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