Top 10 Supernatural Films

By April 27, 2012Top 10 Lists

What is the 'Supernatural' film? For me, it is the gulf that separates the islands of fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres– it exists within the realm of phenomena that is barely within believability to be scientifically explained, but just slippery enough to elude true rationalization. The Supernatural film is as inexplicable as our own dreams are, or the sensation of deja vu, or whatever lies beyond any single person's ability to understand fully within the context of reality.

Because of this, the 'Supernatural' film is capable of encompassing many different types of movie. We have all seen the horror film that doesn't restrict itself to the commonly understood boarders of most horror films: it may chill and thrill, but it lacks the vision or feel of most mainstream horror films. Or perhaps a film that might fall within the slippery and vague genre of straight 'drama', but aspires to tell a story that possesses elements that fall beyond what many of us consider a 'normal' state of existence for the characters within the tale. Or a science fiction story that broaches subjects that science, for all it's rigidity, would rather avoid. Or a fantasy that is too grounded in the 'real world' to be considered a true departure into an entirely imagined world.

The Supernatural film is more a state of mind than it is an investigation of any tangible struggle, and because of this, the protagonist of the Supernatural film is plagued with the curse (or blessing) of seeing a world that others are incapable of seeing—either because they cannot, or because they will not. Supernatural films give the audience a unique insight into a world of intangibles and have been one of the most rewarding genres for investigating the best of what life, and all it's mysteries, have to offer.

Here, I will humbly submit my personal Top 10 Supernatural Films for your consideration. Some involve ghosts, some involve ghouls, some contemplate nothing but the unexplainable miracle of the human heart and mind.

Most times, just that is enough.

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