Top 10 R-Rated Comedies

By June 13, 2012Top 10 Lists

The R-rated comedy has always been a popular genre because of what is more often than not its subject matter: sex, booze, partying, the horrific aftermath…They are fiercely popular with teenagers, who almost see it as a way of life. For us oldies, they are also quite enjoyable for the “that reminds me of that time when –“ There have always been one or two films from each decade that represent a generation, like Animal House in the 70s and American Pie in the 90s.

Then, in 2005, came the outrageous arrival of The Wedding Crashers  and 40-Year-Old Virgin and the household name of Judd Apatow. The R-rated comedy was once more revived in the 21stCentury and it was quickly realised that it is here than serious $$$ can be made.

Now, R-rated comedies are ten a penny and there is no longer a definitive film for the new millennium! So, in this list, I’m going to wade through all the garbage and give you 10 of the very best. You may notice that there are some classics missing: Anchorman, Naked Gun, Airplane! You may to surprised to learn that these movies are PG-13 (PG in the case of Airplane!), so I can’t add them to the list, but that didn’t stop me watching them for “research,” though…

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