Top 10 Antiheroes

By August 13, 2012Top 10 Lists

10. Snake Plissken in Escape from New York (1981)

Admittedly, I’d never heard of Escape from New York before I did my research. Admittedly, it’s an absolute shocker of a film. However, Snake Plissken belongs on this list. Come on, he’s got a beard, a tattoo, even an eye patch! He’s basically the most badass of pirates dumped into 1988 dystopian America! He has “testosterone for blood!” (Syfy.) He doesn’t care about anyone or anything, and you’d forgive him for shooting your own mother because he is just so damn cool. Snake is a former military fugitive who is offered immunity if he goes on a one-man mission to save the President. “President of what?” he replies. Oh, and he’s injected with explosives to make sure he doesn’t run away. No wonder he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder! A lot of Snake’s power as an antihero comes from the fact that, in a different circumstance, he’d probably be a great villain. He’s not a shy, retiring and reluctant hero. He just doesn’t care. “Anyone who comes into contact with this film goes to sleep wishing they could wake up as Snake Plissken” (, Aled Jones.)

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