Top 10 Antiheroes

By August 13, 2012Top 10 Lists

5. The Man with No Name in The Dollars Trilogy (1964-66)

Clint Eastwood twice? Damn right! In the case of The Dollars Trilogy, The Man with No Name is a killer. However, he is a killer of killers. Just like other characters on this list and other well-known ones such as TV’s Dexter, it’s hard to find a solid moral standpoint on murderers such as these. What separates The Man with No Name from a lot of other characters, though, is that he hardly possesses any positive traits and we know very little about him. He has no name, no past and no future. All we know is that he knows how to kill and has no problem being the one to shoot first. On the other hand, he is righteous and has a “true code of honour” (, Helen Earnshaw.) Ironically, he also represents “the good” in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. He saves a woman who has been held captive because “I knew someone like you once and there was no one there to help.” You can’t not like a character like that. He may be neither good nor bad but he’s honourable, which I guess makes him the ideal antihero.

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