Top 15 Best Hitchcock Films

By October 24, 2012Top 10 Lists

Alfred Hitchcock is one of only a small handful of film director's who can claim to be as famous, if not more so, than the actual films he made himself.  This year is seeing the release of two bio-pics about the rotund director; The Girl, featuring on HBO, and Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins as Hitch.  Couple this with the recent release of 15 of his films on Blu-Ray, and the fact that it's nearing Halloween, makes this a seemingly perfect time to revisit the Master of Suspense, and take a look at the best films he offered.  For me, these 15 selections are the finest works he ever accomplished; and also, from a screenwriting perspective, many of these films are great not just because of Hitch's direction, but also the eloquent and wonderful scripts posted by men like Samuel Taylor, Ben Hecht, John Michael Hayes, and Joseph Stefano.

So with no further ado, I bid you "Good evening", and here we go….